stories of living abroad's more awkward moments

Life is awkward, especially when you're living abroad. 

You're thinking Bella Vita in Italy? Not when Italians win every argument by using the bidet against you. Or when you try to order coffee at a crowded bar in Rome and your Swiss voice just isn't loud enough to compete with the Italian vocal organ.


This site is an unconventional expat blog. It's about living abroad's more awkward moments, currently straight out of Italy. It's for dreamers and travellers and explorers, and for all who know that sarcasm often is the only answer in the times we live in. 

  • Dating a child of the dolce vita

    When your date thinks he's the Holy Mother Teresa. 

    Dating a Child

    of the Dolce Vita

  • Pub stories

    The travesty of having a serious facial expression and the luggage invasion of a French teenager gang.

    Pub Stories Vol. 3: Smile the F* Off

  • IMG_20190806_212134.jpg

    When you order fried bull ball's to, you know, make bella figura. 

    We'll Have the Fried Bull Balls, Please

Hello! Since you've made it this far (*winning*), here's a bit more about me. I'm a freelance journalist and content writer from Switzerland, currently living in Rome, Italy.


I made this site because I love to write, not to give travel advice. That's why you'll read about the time I had my first and only physical bar fight, and not where to find the best Carbonara in Rome (but I do love Carbonara). 


Curious? Grab a glass of wine and read more